Security Services

Security Services

Epic Shooting Center, in combination with our affiliate, Templar Protective Associates, offers world class security and protection services. Templar has highly trained and licensed specialists to meet your individual or company needs including asset protection, unarmed guards, armed guards, executive protection and private investigation. Templar and Epic provide the following services:

Drone Surveillance

Epic Shooting Center has FAA licensed drone pilots available to conduct surveillance, photography and videography. Primary applications include law enforcement, fire department and private investigation missions. 

Background Checks

You are preparing to make an offer to an outstanding candidate who has an MBA from a prestigious business school. This is a key position inside the company and everyone is excited about adding this new team member. What should your next step be?

Templar will have the answer! No offer should be made until you have had an expertly trained specialist conduct a background investigation. Templar's hiring specialists will have the experience and tools to help you make the right decision. Your specialist will find undisclosed DUI’s, drug convictions, criminal arrests and falsified education records. You will avoid putting your company’s name and reputation at risk.

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Process Serving and Skip Tracing

Templar offers process serving throughout Texas. Templar process servers will ensure that your papers are served quickly and legally. Templar process servers are registered, bonded and experienced. You will receive email status updates and immediate notification upon completion of the assignment.

Templar provides services for most documents including: small claims; unlawful detainers; foreclosure and eviction notices; subpoenas; orders to appear for examination; summons and complaints; family law; writ, wage garnishment and bank levies; and cross complaints.

Can’t find someone? Let one of Templar's specialists help you locate a witness, defendant or missing person. Templar will utilize tools, databases and special procedures which usually lead to a successful outcome.

Private Investigation

Templar's Texas-based team are licensed private investigators that can assist you on a wide variety of assignments. Templar's private investigators do work for clients including individuals, small businesses, law firms, Fortune 1000 companies, the insurance industry and professional associations. Templar offers the following services: asset searches; due diligence; GPS tracking; insurance claim investigations; informational investigations; marital and domestic surveillance; photography and videography; public record research and retrieval; statements and interviews; surveillance; trademark protection and undercover operations.

Armed and Unarmed Security

The Templar team includes licensed and trained security officers who are available for a wide array of assignments including asset and personnel protection. Whether you need black suit, plain clothes or uniformed security officers, Templar can meet your needs. Templar armed security guards exceed State mandated firearms training with all of Templar's armed guards having gone through Templar's advanced firearms training classes.

Templar also provides security services all over North Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Arlington and the Mid-Cities.  

Bodyguard and Executive Protection

The Templar team of bodyguard and executive protection personnel is led by experienced veterans who are the best in the business. The team of protection specialists has received training that includes mission planning, threat level assessment, close quarters encounters and appropriate use of force. Templar's protection specialists also include certified EMT-Basic, Paramedic and Tactical Medic personnel who are deployed based on the mission requirements. And, all Templar personnel receive training in tactical medicine setting the Templar protection team apart from anyone else in the industry.